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Biography of Rajesh Hamal ( Nepali Superstar)

Rajesh HamalBiography and details about Rajesh Hamal

The only one superstar in nepali cinema Rajesh Hamal was born on June 4 ,1964 . Rajesh has owned 12 national film awards for his best acting & hold record of 1st Nepali Superstar to win the various award and nomination. In 1989 he own 1st national award from Yug Dekhi Yug Samma film.

He studied in Nepal for a year at St Xavier School in grade eight and completed his schooling from Moscow . He finished his M.A in English Literature from Punjab University. Before entering in cinema he was well knowned modeled.In 1985 an Indian Fashion magazine modeled him for Fashion Net & also in 1986 walked ramped at Newdelhi & at Kathmandu.From the start of his career he works on 10 movies in the average of 1 year but later starred more than 15 movies .Till date he has worked over 210 Nepali movies& a Panjabi movie too. Among almost all his movies Devata and Bashanti are his best. He first linked with Kristi Mainali and shared the great on screen chemistry. But later people talk about Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhar as best actor on the screen of Nepali film Industry.
He also appeared in the television show called Wai, Wai quiz contest. He also worked in several advertisement. In 1991 and 1997 Nepali magazine rated him 50 most beautiful people in Nepal.Kantipur magazine ranked him among 20 sexist star in Nepali film Industry but 2 year later it has ranked him among top 10 film star in Nepali Cinema. His physical strength is often highly rated .Hamal too often comes in front of media and share with feelings towards his fans about the situation of his country.He often gives his personal n professional life in his interview. He is unmarried till today. His fans are spread everywhere in Nepalese community around the world.

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