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Biography of Sanchita Luitel

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Biography of Sanchita Luitel:
Name: Sanchita Luitel
DOB: 2 May 1983
Birthplace: Kathmandu, Nepal
Occupation: Actress
Education: MA
Height: 5.3
Marital status: Married to Nikhil Upreti
Career start: 18 years movie Aapsara

Sanchita Luitel was born on 2nd May, 1983 in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Sanchita Luitel is considered one of the most beautiful and talented actress in the Nepali movie industry. Besides acting she loves to read magazines and likes visiting new places with her friends.
Sanchita started her film career at the age of 18 years on 2058 BS with her debut film ‘Apsara’.
Likewise, she was also seen in the lead actress in the movie Chhodi gaye paap laglaa produced by Keshav Bhattarai .
She is also interested in Yoga. She is also acted in more than 50 Nepali Movies.
She got married with Nikhil Upreti. Nikhil was already married to Kopila. But, even after knowing the reality, she eloped with Nikhil. Nikhil and Sanchita first met in 2003.
The friendship between Nikhil and Sanchita started when they acted in Sovit Basnet’s movie “Chor Sipahi” in 2005. The move was successful and they again acted in five more movies together. Maryada, Daag, Yuddha, Vijayapath, and Maya ta Maya ho are the movies one can see Nikhil and Sanchita together.
Sanchita gave birth to a son on August 21, 2011.
Now Sanchita is living in Nikhil’s ancestral home in remote place of Sarlahi.

Movies acted by Sanchita Luitel:
Chor Sipahi
Maya Ta Maya Ho

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