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Biography of Karishma Manandhar



Biography of Karishma Manandhar:
Name: Karishma Manandhar
Birthday: June 9,1974
Age: 38
Birth place: Jarurashi, Lalitpur ,Nepal
Occupation: Actress
Marital status: married to Binod Manandhar(film director)
Child: a daughter (Kabita Manandhar

Karishma Manandhar/KC as an actress was born on June 9, 1974 in Lalitpur ,Nepal . she spent her childhood in poverty.
she started her acting career at the age of 14 in Santaan movies (2042 B.S) alongside with actor Bhuwan K.C. she worked in the movie Kasturi with film director Binod Manandhar and later she got married with him. She has a daughter name Kabita Manandhar , completed her SLC from Suvatara School. In November 2007,Karishma was awarded with the title of Best Actress. She is the most popular actress in the history of Nepali film industry. She was also the brand ambassador for Lux beauty soap for few years.

Movies acted by karishma Manandhar:
1988: Santaan
1989:Danga Fasad(Hindi)
1992:Truck Driver
2000:Babu Saheb

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